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Use SMS for a reminder for meds, birthdays, etc. *

March 17, 2018

You can use SMS to remind yourself with a text message if you have access to one the cellphone
gateways for SMS and run your own mail server (you can use a client too but this example
is for a linux server).

Here are the major US SMS gateways. Most all the MNVO providers are listed on line too.

Sprint [insert 10-digit number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile [insert 10-digit number]@tmomail.net
U.S. Cellular [insert 10-digit number]@email.uscc.net
Verizon [insert 10-digit number]@vtext.com

Just use the sendmail command and set up a crontab entry (Debian example):

30 22 * * * echo “take your meds” | /usr/sbin/sendmail 12345678910@cellgateway
will send you “take your meds” at 10:30pm every day.
* Works for android. Iphone’s work however text may not be formatted correctly.

Other reminders can be added.

I find this more useful than email or cell phone alarms.

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