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Using nsd-4 nameserver with Debian Jessie

July 18, 2015 Leave a comment

I have been using nsd nameserver for several years. I upgraded an older box to Jessie and nsd
remained at version 3.2.17 however, after doing a new install of Jessie I found I was running
version 4.1.0. Unfortunately, this version seems to have a problem for me. I use nsd to provide
name service on several hosts. The newest version seems only to function with the host domain
and would not delegate correctly to the other domains hosted on that machine.

I downloaded nsd 4.1.3 from NLnet Labs ( added the necessary libssl-dev and
libevent-dev libraries compiled and installed the newest version. I used the
–bindir=DIR option –bindir=/usr/sbin when running configure.

The newest version corrects the delegation problem I had with the Jessie’s default install version.
I did use the init file supplied with Jessie’s version which works correctly.

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